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coming soon across you:


sound, sight and magic (elc004)

insert coin

level 1: hunter & gatherer


trapped in wuppertal

chicken supreme
for 4ch tape and 5ch MIDI-controlled ATARI video generation

the ghosts you´ve called are temporarily not available
die geister, die ich rief (are temporarily not available)

music for masturbation

time off II

53 new things to do in zero harmony
(end titles)


music, sex and development (elc005)


rgb (<20Hz, 30-200Hz, >10kHz)

witch arriving too late to save a drowning ship
the person you´re calling is temporarily not available part II

music for hühnerkocher


schall als waffe
a) zu lande,
b) zu wasser
c) und in der luft

schall 3.-

maria ponderosa
for heavenly female voice and fußballstadium


cover: Sommernacht in ROM

save the wave

das akustische nudelholz

step 4: select an embryo

game over

exodus 1:8


world music

- morokko

tombouktou> (52jours)

animaux dangereuses

le bus arrete. maintenant. ici.

- egypt

punishment will be for not wearing helmet

- essen

danish blue @ laura ashley

unsinn ist leider sehr wahrscheinlich

basmatiReis is eh viel geiler

- england

we can´t feed you and we can´t entertain you

ullapool saturday night fever
für klavier, picoloflöte, pink floyd mc und live street

confusing james horner
score für solo boeing und gemischte fussgängerampel

eddies in the time-space-continuum
for eddie and the total perspective vortex

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